Wednesday, November 24, 2004

(snip snip)

Nothing much, nothing special...

...yeah right. Probably not. Hrmh... I don't know. Going to have a haircut tomorrow. My hair's getting really long, and although I'm not annoyed at it, tropical practicality on humidity (as well as avoiding potential BHDs from getting it done back there) will probably be offered as a logical explanation. No, I'm not ditching or being ditched by anyone, which is the manga-world requirement in necessitating a haircut. Won't resort to extreme crops as well (the neck will be itchy!)

Got my kanzashi book. It turns out to be quite simple technique-wise, but who knows. The illustration is quite self-explanatory, so it didn't prove to be a waste even though I understand zero Japanese - translating hiragana to Roman alphabets gives some readability but not automatic comprehension. Still waiting on the slides. The slides!! Argh... hopefully it gets here tomorrow afternoon, or else.

Haven't finished packing, and haven't gone out anywhere in the past 22hrs or so (not even to check the mailbox), hence the clothes are still at the dry-cleaners. Been doing a lot of manual laundry lately because the weather has been so good to put the tumble dryer into rest in the past few days, and will continue to do so through the weekend. Lucky I will be escaping the 32 degrees heat... but will get hit by the humidity on Friday. It's an equal trade :p

Need to clean up my room after this. OK, I'm getting back to doing sample exam questions.

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