Thursday, November 18, 2004

(on acting sweet)

I'm hoping I will not force myself to conform to some standards in order to be seen as okay. I'm hoping my true characters show through, whether it be sweet or displeasing to the eye.

Although acting [professionally/cutely/sickeningly/disgustingly] sweet is like my second skin, I am not a sweet girl at heart (thanks, Baku.) It's easier for me to give a sharp and acidic reply.

God help me go through this...

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TinaTina said...

Hey girl, I'm pretty sure you'll get there... Its there's one thing I learnt about having my true character show through, its that, the people around you help you do that...
And no matter how displeasing or scary the outcome of your true character is, friends arnt friends if they cant accept what your true character is.

Just be careful in a sense, cos there's alot of people out there who would unintentionally want to keep you 'sweet n nice', afraid of seeing the true self which is within you. Take care