Saturday, November 20, 2004

Me and My Shadow

Couldn't sleep well last night. The only thing that I could remember was listening to No Greater Love for some 30+ minutes, falling asleep, and waking up again in the middle of the night with the MP3 player still switched on and plugged to my ears. Then spending the next hour or so trying to doze myself to sleep, to no avail. (Technical note: my watch was perpetually 'broken' hence the inaccurate description of time, and Duracell batteries prove to perform as well as e2 ones.)

If possible, I'd like to feel a bit merry today (which explains the blog title selection.) The song is an all-rounder and has a great ambience, despite the fact that it was sung by Robbie Williams.

Everybody's doing their things (my mum's out to see auctions, my auntie tagging her along, my cousin reading manga, Kyuu's out to the City), so this is quite a privilege to have no-one watching my back while I'm blogging. Let's blog.

Firstly, I managed to put another drawing to the Black notebook. Managed to draw a pivotal character but my eyes are still confused as to which lines/shadings were supposed to highlight or to shadow. Drawing with light grey graphite pencil is somewhat hard but fun and challenging as well (the grey colour is somewhat similar to the colour of the blog's font.) I might come up with a skin design in a week or two. Compared with mainstream shoujo manga styles, mine sure is dark. It somehow looks older than the archetypal sixteen-year-old, Bambi-eyed girls we are getting used to see in shoujo manga (something in the line of Bleach's shinigami.) The character is either in her late teens or early twenties (my age!), rather serious and old-fashioned, and have sharp eyes. She's had some share of life's ups and downs, and knows some sweet things can go fatally wrong and turn bitter. She might have a sharp tongue as well ^^; and she better not be a copy of me (although the dark ambience is sure a refreshing change.) I'm not sure whether she'll be the protagonist or the antagonist, but whichever way she goes she'll be a well-rounded character. As in the sense of being a normal person with a stance on how she sees the world goes. Probably the only thing that will be of significant difference between the protagonist and the antagonist is their differing degrees of "I-want-to-please-others" attitude. Taking the phrase from the movie The In-Laws, one will be the bride and the other one will be the bridesmaid.

(OK, that's my Imagine Cup notes.)

Secondly, just mentioning today I've had enough calcium in my tummy. Had a bowl of cereals topped with milk to the brim, and a huge mug of chocolate milk. Bid osteoroposis good-bye, for now ^^

(Feeling so playful now, am I not?)

Thirdly, I miss New Zealand. Listening to songs from Swing When You're Winning brings back memories from the trip. Probably I'll try whisking myself off to South Island in two to five years (provided I can save up enough for the trip.) And I'll make sure I go to Orepuki this time around ^^ Somehow, I remember Muja's expression whenever I recall Orepuki. Ah, travel travel travel. So yearned for yet so expensive!! (Poor plastics...)

Finally, I also noted the 'third blog post' phenomenon. It's mostly related to blogs that have got comments... have a check if you don't mind. Feel free dropping your comments if you have any; they will certainly be read. I appreciate your comments! Hate-message or ad comments will probably be read with a cynical eye :p

I don't know what will become of my kanzashi book. I pray it gets here on time, before I leave for Jakarta. Otherwise the book will be of little use, since it'll be of most use during the vacation: to be read over and over, to be imagined, to be drooled over etc. The doing part usually comes about during June to August each year. Plus it needs to be translated from Japanese to either English or Indonesian. (Hopefully the diagrams prove to be useful.)

Now it's time to get back to study. Got half a subject to finish. Take care!

Before we get finished, we'll make the town roar
We'll hit all the late spots, and then a few more
We'll wind up at Stringy's and maybe Gratchell
Life is gonna be we-wow-whee!
for my shadow and me~

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