Thursday, November 04, 2004

Miss Vanity

Yes, you do know MegaTokyo.

(If not, check it out!)

Two characters that are of particular interests are Piro and Nanasawa. Piro is a bit slow in terms of reading between the lines, and Nanasawa has her own way of seeing things it challenges her to consider others' points of view. Moreover, Nanasawa is such a grey person it is somehow strangely comforting to know that there is somebody out there (albeit a virtual/imaginary one) who possesses a similar ambience of greyness.

Yeah! Got my dress for the wedding, hence the blog's title. The colour is bubblegum pink (WHAT?!) My brain might've been wired differently when I went there. It's good, it's lovely, but I still don't know why I picked it in the first place. The original colour selection criteria has been (1) black's a no-no (2) it better be bright. Who goes to a wedding looking like a drab going to a funeral anyway. At least my conscience would steer me hard from doing so, with the exception of last weekend's ensemble. The heavy lace dress was some sort of Cinderella's impulse purchase made because it fits. Yes, simply because it fits. The outfit completion was delayed until D-1, where I scoured shops to find the slip to go with it. It almost cost me twice the dress...

I have touched next-to-nothing of Investments... yeah, great. And here I am, blogging. Accompanied by an empty can of Pringles and some rendang (some beef-and-spices-and-coconut-milk concoction). Better end this now.

Going overseas... yeah, it's great, but why at such times?

She'll never be
What you want her be,
you know it's true...
Miss Vanity.

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