Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Blue Eyes Blue

What a sad song.

I have never realised the extent of emotions the singer was trying to pour out from his heart when he was singing. I should say I even underestimated this song at first. Listening to it makes scenes flash before my eyes; the dream hounts me still.

Sorry is not a word that can be taken lightly. It involves having two hurt parties; one was hurt by another's actions and another is hurt by seeing how the actions inflict pain on the other party. How one should use the power of sorry, that is still questionnable. Some are successful in doing so, and others to no avail. Never say forever in a euphoric stage. Only say forever when completely sane, and even then a large dose of reality needs to kick in. As one of my lecturers once said, make sure your conditions fit into the model's assumptions.

There are some things that would be great if expressed in a manga. The storyline is pretty much completed, the events a clear picture, but the characters are still little more than a blur. Some details are coming into life (hair, eye, preferred costumes, mannerisms) but not to the extent these characters are ready to take a life of its own. My hands need a lot of training, especially with ink and G-pen (Kyuubi suggested Machiko-sensei in Kemang but I'm still unsure whether I'll be able to make it). I'm very proficient with pencils and eraser, but I'm still on a venture stage, which means I will have to do pretty much everything by myself. There are many things to learn, although I've come a long way since the two-volume, grade-four notebook manga I wrote. Should I found it on my upcoming trip back home, I'd crack up and probably post a few pages' worth of scans.

Right now I'm training my heart to be puncture-proof. We get a few nicks and nails along the way, but by no means these should rip one apart. Will I need a year away? No-one knows. Waiting for the best answer is long, and putting the answer into practice arduous. Following Jesus is no easy thing.

Also trying to dig up things from 615-150. Yes, I disliked IS much, but it didn't stop me from doing full-on CSS-based pages. It might come in handy in decorating this blog.

End of story; right now priority number one is to do well in these exams.

It was you who puts those clouds above me
It was you who make the tears fall down
Only you who broke my heart in pieces
It was you who makes my blue eyes blue...

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