Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Fields of Mercy

My exam wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't tragic either. I'm just praying for a good mark. (Thanks, God ^^)

I'm trying to do this Imagine Cup 2005 thing. Why bother pouring twenty hours on a storyboard, sixty on preparing for Round 2 and even more for props? Why did I even think about it when I've got next-to-nothing knowledge on the techicalities?

Remember where I previously mentioned the need to learn manga-making? The reason is, there is a story that yearns to be told. It beats so strong in my chest it almost hurts if the story goes untold (I've been going about thinking it aloud.) Right now I'm trying to draw parallels between the world in which we live and the world in which the storyline will take place. I want it to be both as far-removed from and as familiar as our world. It will be a story of our views, our interactions, our lives. This is what this blog is set about.


Okay, I've got the script for the first seven seconds ready in my head.

The colour scheme, the characters and the overall feel of the short movie is ready. Now it's time to get down on my knees and get my hand dirty in this.

And for ideas on the storyline, I'd like to thank my Big Masta' and Confidante. Thank you for this life I am living! It's not a bed of roses but it's certainly a privilege. This project is really exciting! I'm just hoping so that my energy won't run out ^^

To think of the place to start
or the end result
but God of the Universe
calls me His own

Regardless of the outcome, I hope this story will have far-reaching influences to those who come across it. Neckbrace Insignia is a beginning of the journey towards one's true expressions. Cheers ^^

You knew me
You chose me
Before time begins, You love me...
I feel so unworthy, so undeserving
But then You love me, and took me as I am

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