Thursday, August 26, 2010

the week in numbers so far...

Had some good days at the restaurant this week, so far so good.

Casualty count:
2 "talk to this man, he speaks Indonesian" introductions
1 English girl who speaks fluent Indonesian with a Manado accent
1 Dutch guy (in a party of 5) hilariously made speechless by de Hems*
1 very happy table/party of twelve
3 crap dinners, two more to come
1 forwarded remark from the manager that one of the regulars (a male gynaecologist) referred to me as 'your posh waitress', and hence...
1 extra work outfit on the drawing/drafting board
????? numbers of office workers who tipped graciously

Ah, the funny walks of life.
Work goggles are getting the betters of me.

"de Hems" story: back in July, I passed through this Dutch pub a few times on the final day of World Cup. There was a queue by midday and it was in full swing by four (kick-off was at 7 or 8.) And I thought to myself, with all the rowdy-ness, there would be a very sorry bunch of people if the Netherlands team became three times the bridesmaid. (Ooops. I'm guessing the Dutch guy was in the crowd.)

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