Thursday, August 19, 2010

list of ten...

Reasons why it's about time I grow up from waitressing:

10. Having two degrees and working in one that needs neither.
9. Being asked "do you speak English?" by unsuspecting patrons.
8. Being the go-to person to deal with non-English-speaking patrons (even when I don't speak their language.)
7. Being mildly trilingual.
6. Dealing with customers who think the restaurant owes them big.
5. Replaying a particular 70s pop song in my brain on an afternoon off.
4. Wanting to be able to freely spend £20 on desserts alone.
3. Wanting to eat different foods, not just what is served at the restaurant.
2. Wanting to have earlier hours (go to bed earlier, wake up earlier...)
1. Spending 'down time' at work drawing on paper covers, and bringing them home.

Peace. (And I'm hungry.)

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