Sunday, August 01, 2010

domesticity spurring

Today being Sunday (one of my assigned day offs), I bothered to cook dinner from scratch. The menu was oxtail and carrot stew with a serving of rice, steamed broccoli and steamed egg. I used a rice cooker to cook rice and steam at the same time... yea I know it sounds pedantic but it saves me some washing-up and the added health benefit (less oil) isn't too bad.

Being hungry, I was pretty impatient with the beef and all, and barely put up with the leisurely rice cooker. A few minutes before the cooker said 'bing!', I scooped out some rice, fished out a few cuts of tail, poured some sauce on the rice, and dumped the sides on the plate. And I ate.

Gnawing oxtail meat isn't pleasant.
(Lesson #1: cook it before getting out of the house. Rice, oxtail and all.)

A while later, I did some dental work. Some rogue stringy meat had made its way in between my teeth, making me feel as if my gums had multiplied and suffocated my teeth overnight. A few metres of floss were employed, as did a variety of other, ahem, homely devices. After cleaning the mess inside my mouth and realising it had all transferred onto the sink, I cleaned the sink and all (my flatmate would later be wondering what had gone so wrong whilst she was away.) Which brought me to a realisation...

Lesson #2: Cif (a.k.a. Jif) had just found a new cleaning role.
Whilst cleaning the sink, I accidentally found out that:
Cif + hot water + stainless steel watch = one very clean watch
I was very nervous when I decided to sink my watch (excuse the pun) into the solution. But an hour later my watch still runs good. So, it looks like cleaning my watch is similar to cleaning the sink. Albeit more gentle.

One more thing, I am endearing myself to the mammoth that is the cycle hire bike. The weight itself isn't much of a problem, but cycling uphill is a gruesome task. I prefer downhill with a good set of brakes.

well, not quite like this.
Oh well, that's all for today.


johnorford said...

i remember having a really nice oxtail soup in bali once... ah... now i can't remember the name of that dish, it's popular tho - what is it...

mukuge said...

sop buntut?