Friday, May 14, 2010


On Wednesday after college (and as work started), I made myself a scribble-list of things I wanted/needed to do re college work progress. In the past week I had been caught up with 'lots of other things', and focus is definitely one of the things I need to exercise in abundance.

Roughly, the work is categorised into two sections: the paperwork (portfolio - not my favourite bit for those who know me) and prac work. This term, the project is self-negotiated. Initially I wanted to do two outfits of a new collection, until a wise soul in form of a classmate looked at the pile of stuff/work I brought to the first tutorial session and mentioned 'book of samples'. That comment got passed on to the tutor, who (after some consultation and in light of time available) made me choose either 'a book of calico silhouette samples' or 'a book of embellishment samples'. So I chose the latter one. I need to learn to knit and embroider properly, after all...

Portfolio work is alright, sometimes.
It is alright when I am on a momentum, and all the pieces/materials for flatwork are gathered on one table. It is not alright when bits haven't been printed off, template figures are missing, etc etc. Now that I have done my templates and almost all images are printed out, it's high time to hit the portfolio work.

Next bit: the reflective summary.
I've been keeping an eye on the girl-next-bay (me sitting in computer lab) on what she is doing for her reflective summary. To be honest, I feel jealous of her lovingly hand-written and panda-embellished journal she is scanning, which of course I do not do. (I blog, and whatever I do not cover on the blog is written down... when my hands are free.)

On the plus side, keeping my hands free of journal-writing enables me to type super-fast and bead super-fast too. I find it quite funny I managed to go through one 100g pack of seed beads (which is well over 1500 of them, by the way I count it) within one sitting of beading. It took three hours, including the time it took me to dash off to the beadshop and exchange some of them. I guess however much I hate to be interned to bead dresses doesn't really run parallel to the fact that I bead my samples.

On the not-so-related study front, I have not been doing any illustrative work for the past week or two. I know I planned it some time ago, but since it isn't exactly in the unit completion requirement it keeps getting put off till I don't know when. I've got half of the things I need for it, and I was originally delaying for some more goodies (rolling pin and rolling guides)... until I checked out that the guides were for sheets 1.5mm thick. Pah! No gingerbread in my memory is of that thickness. So uneven hand moulding it is, then.

I'm a bit worried about my progress for the coming week, especially since the upcoming Tuesday morning is earmarked for non-college work, and since I'm taking on a few more shifts at work (not exactly avoidable unless I want to lose the job and networking for good.) I wrote myself a list of things that I need to do, but whether by Tuesday evening all things have all been accounted for is something I do not have an answer for. And why does duchess satin cost so much?

Well, nevertheless, I will try to be as balanced as possible. No late nighters, seven hours of sleep a day, and a regular dose of culture. That means books, movies, exhibitions maybe once a week? I want to read more Orwell; or more accurately, I want to read funny satirical shorter pieces like Animal Farm.

Take care.


johnorford said...

I never realised your blog is ur reflective summary. And I thought u were writing for ur dilgent blog reader(s).

mukuge said...

haha, I do write it for myself and dear readers.
The academic reflective summary was a side feature, as the academic staff will need to check it (and I'm not too got with blog-splitting), hence the now-past arrangement.