Monday, May 24, 2010

can someone get me a fan?

Have I mentioned before, the benefits and suckers of living in central Central London?

The benefits basically fall into one broad category: envy-inducing.
Where I live now (the eastern edge of W1 which should really join WC2), it takes me little more than 30 minutes to get a snack at Princi, do some fabric research, pick up groceries and walk home through Gaytown. I've got Chinatown at my doorstep too, which could be handy or annoying depending on what time of the day it is.

glorious view and space aplenty - and mine no more
And so, I do not have a view of greenery. On weekends one could almost always guarantee some rowdy noises at 4 in the morning. It's dusty, cramped and badly ventilated. Which is why, on hot days like Friday onwards (average of 28°C) I become very irritable and listless. I'm even switching on the stove extraction fan to make it less suffocating. The bathroom is somewhat worse; the perenially running heater that was morning shower comfort a few weeks back turned the room into not-quite-sauna facility (which is unnecessary when it is this hot!) My sister chuckled and wondered how on earth I would cope with the temperatures back home...

cold drinks, need cold drinks...
Coming back into the millieu of college, the other day whilst printing some files I saw a fashion student in CSM doing her journal pages on Photoshop. Since the computer I was using took its time loading up a few PDFs, I simply paid attention at what she was doing. Initially I thought she was just pasting photographs of garment mock-ups alongside inspiration pictures and design drawings to illustrate how her idea evolves. But then she manicured her garment mock-up photos on the spirit of 'the mock up didn't look right so I'll give its photo a helping hand'. If she had time to laboriously nudge and reform her photographs, she could have fixed the root of the problem itself. Man.

A lot of the third-years in my program are also getting disinterested in coursework. I find it hard to pull myself together and produce work when it is this hot (it's not the holiday effect; my brain runs slow under excessive heat.) But then I negotiated a project that will benefit me in the long run, so it is not like a box-ticking exercise the major project once was. Most of my classmates are already in summer holiday mode. Talking to a mid-aged couple over dinner last night, my conscious view of June to September is of the professional industry entry/self-employment/unemployment nature, which means I will tsk-tsk-tsk myself for behaving in any remotely unproductive way. I'm not really keen on holidaying, except if the place I'm going to is set to be breezier and cooler than London.

On the domestic menial front, I wonder where my flatmate keeps the vacuum cleaner, or whether she has one at all. I found a small dustpan + brush set and the mop so far.

Also, this Supermalt thing tastes 22% of malt only. Most of the taste hit comes from carbonated bubbles, then sugar, then this flavour that reminds me of hot drink mix I used to have in my teens.

OK, I'm gonna get drawing now. Enough chattering. Take care!

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johnorford said...

Sounds like my place in NYC - even with AC... It's string hooooot!!!