Thursday, April 08, 2010

pettering about

I was looking at this post and thought "how nice it is to have an overweight, strokes-friendly ginger cat." Except that, from past pet-keeping experience, it would be a pretty expensive affair.

Cats are nice to stroke and dogs to kiss... I kinda miss my dog. I'm definitely happy not to have to pay for pet fees, though.

Yet in response to Suhu's non-reward quiz/meme, I said my chosen pet would a pterodactyl.

P.S. I also went to teach dressmaking today, in the grand tradition of accounting/maths/English private tutoring I've done in the past. My student and I finished a dress she had made earlier, and re-styled a top. Knowing the right demo/hands-on practice balance and setting the pace are things I'm learning on the job (those hair modeling sessions help give an idea!) Also, the endless sample-making college work requires was definitely helpful enough to take my worries off from the fact that we were ripping and mutilating what is essentially a pricey branded fashion merchandise. Only when I walked home did I realise the graveness of what we had been doing.

Take care.

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johnorford said...

sometimes u gotta destroy something to figure out how it ticks - sounds like that bad guy in heroes : )