Saturday, April 17, 2010


Departure is one place I like to hang out in.
One Thursday afternoon (Friday night movie showings being off-limit for now), I went there to chill for free... and guess what I encountered?


A black labrador.

One that doesn't mind me stroking its head and tugging its ears.

O, joy. Its owner said that she usually comes in for group knitting sessions, which takes place during term time on Thursday afternoons. Pity that next Thursday is show day.

I guess this sort of arrangement (someone's dog up for strokes) probably works well in light of my pet cravings. It saves me the hassles of maintaining a dog whilst temporarily relieving the owner from having to keep it entertained/civilised in public at all time.

P.S. tube announcements braying 'all flights cancelled due to volcanic eruption' was a bit funny in the sense that I went asking "does England have a volcano?" I hail from the Ring of Fire, so an erupting volcano two seas away isn't exactly daunting business. Although the addition of not having to fly, melting glaciers etc may have more to do with the indifference...

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pOInky said...

I really miss bandit...
And I'm praying really hard for hosny/mom/dad to get me a puppy for my bday... may next year...