Sunday, November 09, 2008

So What

A few things I learnt today:

TfL's lost property section
- it may take up to 7 days for your item to turn up at lost property office
- enquiry takes up to 21 days to complete i.e. it takes three weeks for them to tell you whether they have your thing or not
- you have to pay a fee to reclaim your item.
(Oh yes, being told to wait three weeks to know if your thing is with them or not, and having to pay for such service is....... I don't know what to say.)

Loomstate jeans
- they fit nicely
- the relaxed, lived-in washes can be interpreted as 'comfy' or 'get a new pair'
- the pockets are so small your teensy mobile phone can actually pop out of it.
(Yes, I'm complaining.)

3 [mobile network]
- can be helpful
- can charge an assortment of fees to replace lost phone, but...
- will say okay to contract upgrades or anything that swings toward 'money'

As for more intellectually stimulating materials...

I got started on my essay. The question was supposed to be a response of "branding is the magic of style" in relation to producing and consuming fashion. So, in deconstructivist manner, I wrote out the skeleton of my arguments, and will see my seminar leader tomorrow in terms of guidance on what academic articles to comb through.

The research project is chugging along not so nicely. I learnt, again, that to achieve 'the look' we were supposed to produce (in order to smite two corporate designers and make them give me letters of commendation) I must leave the normal trouser block alone. It gave the jeans I cut a very strange look... definitely not what I was looking for. And, despite the fact that cutting heavyweight denim last year bruised my fingers, I might have to use it again because it would probably be the only type of denim that will withstand bleach nicely.
I just covered the denim part. There are more to come...

The print elective project is, despite the pressure I'm under (I'm yet to expose my screens), still my favourite. I've been turning out work consistently; they are of an eye-opener nature. I still can't quite fathom why, at the end of every session, I ended up with good prints on fabric... at least I know how. It made me more popular in class - I still don't quite know whether I like this newfound popularity or see it more as a potential deadweight. My elective tutor is impressed, and she had been smitten off by a few of them; I hope she is being genuine with her reactions. And, it does make me joke with a friend that maybe we should have swapped courses, with me doing more textiles and her doing more sample room sessions...

Alright, that's it for now.

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