Friday, October 31, 2008

There are a few changes due to be made to this blog.

One of my fervent readers acerbically pointed out that the quality of writing "has been in decline" for the past few weeks. (It happened as I cynicized, sugar-coated and rose-tinted my perspectives as the words were typed down.)

I would like to point out this is the depth of response that I have been looking for: responses that are beyond courtesy and initial self-interest. They are few and far between, but hey, it might be you who's lucky/dedicated enough to come up with *these* few and far between responses!

Other types of responses that have been were "it's good but the English is too difficult", "don't write about me", or simply... a lack of responses: "I read your blog now and then," "so what do you think?" "OK" [or, "you write so much", period.]


"OK" is not descriptive enough a response. It's a response that gives the impression one has forgotten and is doing mere lip service. (If that's the true intention, then I'll take it as is.) I dislike doing monologue to a brick wall.

I wonder about what your responses would be if I talk about the sociology of clothes. (I'm serious.)

I also considered about posting a few of my essays up here for the world to see. Plagiarism is one thing I'm taking into consideration, though... I don't like my essays to be copied without reference. Why? Because it took me hours to formulate my arguments and write them down, and it takes at least ten times the writing time to read and research relevant articles!
So there you go: if there aren't enough responses (through blog/emails/chats/actual talk/other communication methods) on whether you'd like to read it, then it would be very unlikely to see how Marsha is the odd/weird/original/think-outside-the-box Marsha that she is :))

On a tangent, I'm looking forward to my cultural studies seminars for the next fortnight. I want to see who would choose the way of wishful thinking....... and how. Muhehehehehe.

I am waiting for active responses. Now! Get typing ;))


johnorford said...

i for one would read your fashion sociology essays. i remember u commenting how it was interesting that en's clothing is more rigid than women's, that was interesting.

also more personal stuff would be interesting -- but i don't write that myself, so don't blame u =if u want to avoid that...

as for voluminous comments, i am too tired these days to think, let alone comment. but rest assured i read this blog of yours, word for word. : )

Devi said...

First of all, it's your blog. It is YOU the only one who decides the utility of your blog; whether it'd be personal, academic or at your readers' convenient.

When it comes to personal blog, even if he/she is a popstar, I frankly tend not to read trash posts (no offense) ---things that only matter to you--- e.g. what you had for brunch/supper, ramblings about daily activities, etc.

Since you're knowledgeable, I'd like to read more thoughts/opinion from you :) Not necessarily based on current affairs, of course. Like your posts on friendship and beauty pageant, for instance.

As for your essays, I really love to read some. I strongly disagree on plagiarism too, hmm maybe you can put the summary only and for those whom you think trustful enough may download the full essay on PDF format... How about that?