Thursday, November 13, 2008

(on job- and husband-hunting)

I was recently picked up for a womenswear pattern cutting internship at a high-end leathergoods-based label. With full-on classes five days a week, it is unlikely that I would be willing to start pronto on a [60hr/week] part-time basis. Even if I lived in central London, it would still mean pure murder.

The lady who was in charge of recruiting said that my resume was very impressive. (I still wonder how I managed to pack in so much into two A4 pages and 24 years of life.) So, at the end of the day, she dropped me and went for another girl who has better availability.
Anyhoo, it's not my fault, and it's not theirs either.

Somebody once told me that job-hunting is a bit like husband-hunting. One may have all the right credentials and be very impressive, yes, but there are practical considerations that can curtail a top contender and hoist an unlikely scorer instead. Which means... if you don't score him/her when you should, chill out, you're meant to be with somebody else! The same goes with job-hunting.
(I can't believe I'm talking about this.)

This post is dedicated to a friend who is waiting for job confirmation news. We're on the same nerve-racking boat...

Prayers and fingers crossed for next term's industrial placement.
Let's start persistently demanding these companies...

(I've got twenty-odd names in my list, and it's still growing. But the time is near.)


Devi said...

You're one of a kind! I'm sure there are lots of great opportunities waiting for you next term ;)

Anyway be careful of what you wish for, cos I deep down believe if you really want to, you can gather hundreds of men in a blink LOL.

Anonymous said...

No rush looh. Have auntie E and om B harassed you about hubbie already? Well, good luck on both...job and hubbie hunting. Or should you just marry rich? In that case, you can forget about the job hunting.