Friday, November 14, 2008

(H&M and CDG join forces)

So I caught a bit of the bug.

I didn't go to the stores yesterday on the basis that I had interviews to prepare for. As of this morning, a few of the things sold have popped up on eBay (which is a normal response whenever a collaborative capsule collection goes on sale.) So I peeked on them.

Being a fan of shirts, I looked into the white shirts offered on collection. I liked a few of them... until I found out they were made out of polyester. Note to self: H&M and pure cotton shirts don't mix. Note to self #2: buy from RTW CDG if I had wanted a spunky white shirt, not from its capsule collection.

Moving on.
The polka-dot cardigans are what most people dislike, polkadots having been around for some time by now. But, hey, they're made out of wool. And, hey, you can style them with other pre-existing things from your wardrobe. (Who told anyone to wear head-to-toe H&M CDG?) They are my pick for those who might've missed out on the first-day options and frenzy. As for myself, I would give them a hard look, since I'm quite happy rolling around in cashmere.

The trench coat is sold out. It's not hard to see why; it's possibly the most wearable thing out of its posse. Plain navy-ish colour, simple cut and classic detailing translates into a garment Ms Everybody wants her hands on. As supply is limited, availability becomes scarce. They're already selling at £200 apiece on eBay.

As for the 'harder', more conceptual pieces: broken skirt, broken shorts, deep-crotch trousers - these will appeal to CDG fans who find its RTW prices too high. The regular high-street shopper might be compelled to buy, too, either out of curiosity/novelty or from the way it looks on the body.

Reception has ranged from frenzy (NY) to business as usual (Montreal). Which is to be expected, as CDG can be a bit difficult to digest for the average shopper. I still find their deep-crotch trousers hard to deal with, too...

Oh, before I forget - the abbreviation list.
H&M - H&M
CDG - Comme des Garçons
RTW - 'the designer brands' as we know it

If anyone decides to purchase any part of the collection from eBay, please be careful.

Take care ^__^

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