Thursday, October 09, 2008

(yet another...)

Yesterday (Tuesday) I called up an MA student.
I saw his "need help" (i.e. be-my-slave) advertisement at uni, remembered that one of my friends told me to 'go help an MA student next year' earlier this year, and called him to offer my services... with remunerations paid in foodstuffs. (Yes, physical compensation in form of decent food may be acceptable.)

This [Wednesday] evening, I went to his place after class. Saw the things that he was doing, ate some chips along the way, and chatted as my help at the moment was not yet needed. Apparently he was a graduate of Nottingham Trent, and he graduated in 2007... sounds familiar? Not quite. Until something hit me (metaphorically), and I remembered seeing his name here. Of all people, I volunteered for a guy who was supposed to be a total unknown to me, and instead personified a casual string of names into proper 'I know this person' stuff.

Over a year later, two of the four names listed there ended up in LCF.

What coincidence.
Or rather, what is this supposed to mean?

...maybe another random bit of info that doesn't quite make sense yet.

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