Friday, October 17, 2008


Possible purposes of creative visual research:
- see what everyone else is doing
- spot trends (existing, directional etc...)
- find a visual reference to what's conjured up in one's mind
- make one sick of repetitive imageries

So, at the end of the second week, I can squarely say I still like research but the intensity of doing so makes me want to puke blood/shred my brief into pieces/....... [insert something mildly destructive here]. I get the point of doing so, though, which means I'll stick to it for another week or two.

What I'm up to is possibly just covering half or two-thirds of the things we were supposed to look for in the past week. It seems like the next fortnight will be a bit of a scary hell for me. Especially when one ran out of printer ink twice this week (time for stationery shopping.)

Note to self: get half-dozen of printer inks back home.

P.S. third-year students are apparently in a worse rut - some had been told that one's proposed collection is 'too narrow', another 'is trying to do too many things at once'. The respective remedies proposed by board of senior tutors were then, respectively, 'more silhouettes' and 'focus and redo research'. They are to present full-sized samples next week. Congratulations!! You just enrolled yourself into a year of roller-coaster, nausea-inducing experience that is final year collection project.

Good luck for those in third year...

And now, off to uni.

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