Monday, August 11, 2008

(working week)

With university students in Jakarta safely returning into campuses (and creating traffic jams to some extent), I'm safely into my first week of work.

So, what is my job description?
...I find it amusing that I'm without a job title, trying to pick a suitable one for my CV whilst correctly explaining what I do in less than thirty words.

Other than being online at odd, just-outside-working hours:
I make paper patterns for fashion show outfits, and cut the requisite fabrics for these patterns (someone else sews them up)
I draw on meetings, and consequently go to pasar (the semi-splashy variety) for fabrics

The tasks are regulated and unglamorous.
This job being the second industry-related one, it's quite similar to what I went through last year. This business is decidedly more organised, though, as it operates on a larger scale. Also, this is the only job where I get to stand so much (and without air conditioning.) (Pretty suicidal if not socially offensive for the olfactory.)

And so, here's to work these coming weeks ^__^

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