Wednesday, August 13, 2008

(radio ennui)

There's a radio at work... which normally plays during the day or whenever there are people around... and which I inevitably listen to if I were in the production area.

The song selection is Indonesian contemporary pop (with sprinkles of American pop top forty). Nothing against the genre; it's simply sappier and has decidedly more sentimentally melancholic... if not tilting towards suicidal or social obnoxiousness. Some of the more popular lyrics were:

"pilihlah aku jadi pacarmu"
(choose me as your boyfriend)
"kau hancurkan aku dengan sikapmu"
(you destroyed me with your behaviour)
"Tuhan tolong jangan berikan dia jodoh yang lain"
(God, don't give her another love [of her life])

And humans, being [sometimes] the creatures of habit they are, absorb these sensory stimuli.


At the end of the day, working with a blaring radio within hearing range can seriously make you question the integrity of your musical taste. Well, I do.

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Anonymous said...

Sha.. your over reacting. It's not suicidal.. just plain sad. :) But I do agree, the lyrics of some indonesian song is quite over the top sometimes. Maybe that's what makes them catchy. ;p