Tuesday, April 01, 2008

(declaring myself)

Recently, I received a note from a well-wisher.

There were only a few who knew the details of my current trip/holiday to Melbourne. However, I sensed that gossips have run wild and consequently I need to say something myself to give substance to what is really happening.

I'm in Melbourne for a school break
Having said that, it implies that this trip takes place during my Easter break. Yes, it's a four week-long recess from academic activities. No, I do not miss any classes in order to go to Melbourne. Yes, I intend to go back to London at the end of this trip.

I intend to pursue my chosen career
...which implies, in absence of a substantial industry internship offer, continuation of current studies in London. I am not keen on adding another year onto my studies by simply transferring to another country.

It's possible for me to finish my studies on time
Subject failure is not a prerequisite for me to be concerned over my academic performance, no?

Nothing funny is going on
For those who think that I'm pregnant/on drugs/.......... (insert extremely unacceptable social situation here), with all due respect this subject regretfully informs that thou art gravely mistaken.
Know me, doh.

Well, I guess that's all for now...
This afternoon I went to paint some ceramic - I might come back and do more as I find it fun and liberating. The ceramic bowl is now being baked, and I will post its pictures once I have picked it up next week.

Be well! ^__^


johnorford said...

pregnant and on drugs in melbourne, what an exciting life the imaginary u must lead :)

Miss_Ngoceh said...
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Miss_Ngoceh said...

helo :)
emang ada gosip apaan sih? ^^