Monday, March 03, 2008

The Sun, the Stars and the Moon

In relation to mentioning my attendance at two friends' wedding a couple of days back, I oblige myself to give a visual report of the reception to ensure that it wasn't my sister who got married :D

groom and bride
approximate of what my sister looks like
Top photo: groom and bride.
Bottom photo: what my sister looks like (in approximate)

It was a good party, and I managed to bring home a loot of white cymbidium orchids and calla lilies. Thanks to a flatmate's ingenious/scrimp-some-money advice, there was no need to buy fancy or minimalistic flower vases. Instead, I relied on what was left out of their 'wine-tasting event' (which I conveniently opted out from due to alcohol intolerance and dislike of red wine.) Pictures of said loot and corresponding makeshift flower display units are posted on myesight.

As I was walking to Learning Zone earlier today, Anne mentioned that we have lived without internet connection at home for nearly half a year. Whew! Now it is still possible to live without the internet, although it isn't the most convenient type of contemporary lifestyle.

Have I mentioned I broke my SE mobile's headphone jack cable? Well, I did (rather stupidly) a few weeks back, and have currently been forcing myself to adopt the Nokia phone for more diverse uses other than for calls and texts. I do so begrudgingly - not too good an attitude - because I don't want to spend money yet on purchasing a new jack cable (note the decision to delay consumption.) Sky pictures taken on the Nokia mobile, oddly enough, appear to have a more purplish tint compared to SE ones... another reason I nitpicked to stake against embracing the Nokia.

Anyway, enough faffing around... it's time to work.

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