Friday, December 28, 2007

Romano Hip-Hop

Today, on her way to work, my sister realised she forgot to bring her mobile phones (after yelling at me not to forget to bring mine before leaving home.) Phew... talk about "do as I do and not as I say", this is probably today's most clear-cut example of the principle put into practice. It's not exactly limb-consuming, but the inconvenience of swapping one's mobile phone is similar to having to swap one's bag with another: having to get through the day with somebody else's indispensables and without yours. People have different priorities, and I'm already missing my mobile phone's media capabilities... within an hour.

I guess that means I'd have to burn CDs if I want to listen to music in car.

I fervently refused to own my first handset under the pretext of 'not wanting to be on call'. how did we survive anyway before the advent of mobile phones?

Ah, this is just what I was thinking about when in comes to the indispensability of the Internet, CD players, private cars and high-powered hairdryers...

(I used to listen to the radio, got cycled to and from school, send snail mails to pen pals and dry my hair under the sun... before.)

Oh well, have a good day! :))

P.S. condolences and confusion for the passing away of Benazir Bhutto - there is something fishy, but whoever did the deeds (internal power play? Benazir herself? terrorists?) managed to reduce the government's credibility to the public.

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aroengbinang said...

had a couple of instances that i yelled to my kids for not doing certain things and then i did it unconsciously...:) it's probably more on the way we say it that bounced the mantra back to us :D. hope you plan well your new year's eve nduk... btw, when will u take out the word verification? sorry...:D