Thursday, November 01, 2007


Due to the lack of internet connection at my new place (whoo-hoo!), I have been getting my fix at school... when the facilities are open. Actually, it does give me less reason to spend my time looking at Facebook or some other random sites to kill valuable time...

I was curious enough to try out the latest new-in-town addition to body fragrance maniacs.
Interestingly, Le Labo also sells an olfactory training box (akin to wine sommelier training kits according to the saleswoman)... which offers 40 pure perfume oils. Forty! Now that's a lot of smells to explore. Let's say I happily spent half an hour chatting and sniffing all manners of scents that wafted out of the bottles.

Some of the things I learnt from this curiosity-sparked road trip are:
- 'grapefruit' smells nice
- there is no such thing as an existing natural apple smell; it has to be synthetically created in a lab
- the best sandalwood, clove and patchouli oils come from Indonesia (yay!)
- however, it's almost impossible to get natural sandalwood oil nowadays due to deforestation concerns

The post's title is, aptly enough, the most interesting scent of all.
39 was the number for civet.
(Apparently, I sniffed it.)

Alright then, have a good day! ^__^

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