Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Google is an amazing thing for ego boost.

I have done countless searches on names of people I know (myself included), and I have found amazing results. My sister handles tasks with relative ease/familiarity, my dad has extensive professional interests in health services development, my mom is a self-made career woman. Amongst those I keep in constant contact with - through visual and physical means - are TV personality, technology advisor, student animator, web developer, medical student, petshop business owner, various office-y people, teacher-in-training and beauty queen.

By the way, please don't sulk if you weren't mentioned - not being mentioned is not the same as being forgotten or seen with lesser value! 8O I'm mentioning these people in no particular order because their fields of profession give a profusion of colours to this post ^__^

Google can be intrusively disturbing - I have so far rediscovered my once-existing and non-functional email addresses, messages I posted that I have completely forgotten about, things I participated in that had escaped my mind. Probably the next time around my ICQ number would pop up somewhere on the WWW - I still remember the sequence number, but am not bothered to reactivate it (scary indeed.)

And yes, at times when I feel low and run Google searches on familiar names, I find myself smiling at myself. Odd perhaps, but definitely reassuring. Could this be a mobile charger effect? :D

Ah, just did these guys some publicity. Shout for me if you don't mind, but otherwise have a good day :))

Sashinobeta ryoute kami awanai pazuru wo
Okizari ni shiteta futari deau made
Nakushiteta nani ka saigo no kakera wo
Tori modoshite

Itsuka wasureteita tooihi no kioku
Kokoro no katasumi kasanetanara
Natsukashii keshiki kuchiguse dake wa sonomama

Tomadou you ni hitomi wo fusete
Tachi tomaranaide oikakete

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Devi said...

I just found this after rambling on technorati!

Kalo lagi ga ada kerjaan, gw jg suka iseng kok search nama sendiri di google hahahaha