Wednesday, August 29, 2007

(Portable Film Festival)

If I get asked about this summer's most memorable films, I'd say most of them belong to PFF.

I've rated quite a number of them, and apparently have watched a more obscene number of them (broadband access is useful.) When I started rating them I had been a bit haphazard about what constitutes 3, 4 and 5-score quality films, so here I'll just post a list of clips I find interestingly noteworthy:

The Little Dictator
The Changing Man
Guide Dog
The Trainee
George Grows
Zeid's Little Bomb
Red Bull Music Academy
People In Order
Feist 'My Moon My Man'
Sometimes I Feel Like This
Booth Story
The Whisper Stop
I Remember Lebanon

One good thing about these videos is that you can download them off the website - there's a non-exclusive licence/permission given to the festival organisers to distribute the contents (more legal info can be found on the site's 'Submit' section.) Just make sure you reference whatever you leech off as these filmmakers' work and not pass them as some other people's works.

Altough it may have an amateurish air, PFF turns out to have a higher quality entertainment factor in comparison to YouTube. The festival also gets a huge three-quarter page spread on
The Age... not bad at all!

There's only a few days left before the carpets are rolled, so one better hurry to visit and watch them! Alternatively, you can download them off the site and keep them for later viewing - I might do that with some of my favourites.

I'd like to know about the clips you like, so please feel free to leave comments here or on the scribble section, or by e-mails if that suits you :))

Have a good day!

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