Friday, July 20, 2007


I might have mentioned somewhere that my preferences for food tend to sway according to the seasons. I first came across mugicha at Abeno Too (possibly the only proper okonomiyaki place in London.) The drink can be served hot or cold, and it surprisingly tastes like... coffee. For a former coffee addict, mugicha is a welcome dairy-free alternative to the beloved iced coffee.

£2.31 for a pack of 16
I could only find the sachet version in central London - it's definitely sold at Japan Centre on Piccadilly and a Japanese grocery store off Putney Bridge, and I bet I have seen these in a Korean grocery in Chinatown. The loose roasted barley version should yield a stronger flavour, but unfortunately I haven't come across them >__<

Why I like it:
- tastes like coffee without the caffeine
- unnecessary to add sugar or milk
- doesn't stain teeth as badly as coffee or tea
- can be prepared with hot or cold water (options, options! ^__^ )

Why I don't like it:
- costs more than tea and instant coffee
- mugicha pitcher takes up my 'liquid drinks' fridge space (normally reserved for milk and juice)

I was somehow craving for rozen syrup too (that notorious deep rose-coloured sugar concentrate in green glass bottles), but since sweet soya sauce is somewhat non-existent... I shouldn't expect to come across rozen syrup easily. I guess I'll stick to mugicha for now...

Any ideas for cold summer drinks? :D


putu said...

is it tea or coffee ?
How come two kind of drinks could be associated to this one drink ?
guess In Indonesia I would have to stick to original tea or coffee

mukuge said...

it's formally classified as 'tisane', which is any flower or herbal-based infusion that resembles tea. It could probably classify as a single-plant 'jamu' without any intended medical benefits.

Okay: it's herbal tea, but it smells and tastes vaguely like coffee (that's how I see it :D )