Monday, June 25, 2007

From The Neck Up

I'm immersing myself into millinery this week.

Fashion shows are not merely about clothes; it is also about how images are presented to the public. Invariably, models will be clad in accessories that complement the clothes. Accessories are mainly grouped into four major groups: footwear, headgear, bags and other fashion accessories - mainly belts and jewellery but may also include things like gloves and digital cameras.

Hats sure cost a lot to make - the base materials need to be purchased first, then hand-moulded and hand-finished. Oddly enough, despite the perennial demands for headgear in London (bowler-hatted policemen and Ascot-going ladies are two prominent customer groups) the shops aren't well-stocked... and the prices are exorbitant. A classmate of mine, who came all the way from Sydney, told me feathers cost $4 back home and £6 here. I feel... robbed D;

Headgears aside, Mag is moving away tomorrow, so I won't have any neighbours around >__< *sob sob* I'm planning to stay the night over at her place, although I won't be able to help her move tomorrow.

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