Monday, June 18, 2007

(can't live without - part 1)

This isn't a definite or exhaustive list of what I *actually* need to have to live; it's just a consumerism-based list I came up with. It is a bit like a visual dictionnary of things around me. These items aren't listed in the order of importance. Okay, so here we go:

#1 - The art stash (in top drawer)

art stash drawer
This stash contains most of my art kits (save the palette, brushes and stationery I'm using right now.) On the far left end the watercolour palette is sitting atop two envelopes of tracing paper and a green tin of watercolour pencil... and lots of other things (mainly in boxes or tins). There are a box of acrylic paints in tubes, a huge container of acrylic medium, sable brushes, adhesives (of all sorts), drawing pens and tape measurement on the middle ground. The box of Pantone markers sits squarely towards the back of drawer. On the right hand side, inks share their space with threads and other haberdashery supplies as well as the ubiquitous can of spray mount.

After looking at my art stash, I conclude I'm a maniac of adhesives. Scotch tapes, u-tac gums, sticky labels, three types of glue stick, multi-purpose liquid glue... yet I still 'borrow' Helen's masking tape. Also, I tend to use water-based paints and markers.

#2 - The rain-proof shoe spray

rain-proof shoe spray
I look after my shoes to make sure they last. London's weather is unpredictable, and this is the thing I use to keep my shoes from turning into some sort of disgusting heap of leather. I keep reaching for this spray from time to time. Just a word of warning, use the spray in a well-ventilated area if you don't want to end up in a room full of nauseating fumes.

#3 and #4 - The laptop and the roll of satin ribbon

laptop and beloved ribbon roll
The laptop's function is quite clear. It's currently being used for entertainment (hence the position), and it usually sits on a pre-allocated end of the desk. Satin ribbons are indispensible to me since I was three, and this roll (purchased last Christmas) should last me a while. Holding onto a satin ribbon helps me go to sleep. I tend not to cut ribbons off the roll lest they fray.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm in the middle of cleaning my room, so let me get back to it, 'kay? :D

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