Saturday, June 09, 2007

Di Atas Normal

Eugh, didn't like the look of the previous post as a prominently displayed post, hence this act of post dislocatement.

I'm now onto Elizabeth & Leicester, partly because my cousins used to live on Leicester Street (alright, okay, it's a genre I like!) This book's a non-fiction, which would provide an antidote to those Philippa Gregory historical fictions I've been nursing myself on... not to mention a more objective outlook on what really happened.

...ooh, and the song's quite random - I haven't listened to it for a good while. My dad would definitely remark that this song belongs to those genres which I like "yet sounds awful" - keeping in mind his preferences for grandiose classical music and choral pieces (and Bee Gees.)

Oh, ku mencari
Tetap tak dapat kutemui
Ku mencari hati yang kubenci

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