Tuesday, June 12, 2007

(anime-inspired food)

It's been such a wonderful weekend wrap-up today... erm, yesterday (Monday?)

I went out with Apink and his friends from work (one even came from as far as Zambia!), and walked around town with them. Pictures will be uploaded on flickr later... that is, once I get them from Apink. Oh, and by the way, he left UK way earlier than I thought he would, so I ended up having a free day today. Armed with some reviews, I ended up watching anime all day long. Yes, you... thanks to you xD

Amusingly, while watching Claymore I suddenly craved for the smell (and taste) of my mom's homemade sukiyaki. It consists of sukiyaki beef and sliced onions marinated in soya and Worcestershire sauces, and cooked on a pan with a hearty knob of butter. I better try to recreate this dish in the coming weekend! It'll be splendid when served on top of rice :D

For poinkys: y'know, if you've got that 3PM syndrome, you can always get your own tagboard... that way we can chat and bicker all we like without having to resort to e-mails or chat programs. It'll save you 10 minutes and you can zap home on your pet dragon :E

Have a nice day! ^__^

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tetsugakusha said...

XDD; Glad to know I've been a good influence *bricked*

Speaking of anime-inspired food, take a look at this one :D Or even the Katamari cake :DDD