Sunday, May 13, 2007

(who is the fairest of all?)

If anyone has got the interests and dosh to attend this year's Miss Universe finals night in Mexico City, the tickets are available on sale from Ticketmasters. Tickets are also available for, surprisingly, the presentation show and dress rehearsal. I shouldn't really be surprised (having been through one), but for dress rehearsal... I guess there is always a market for seeing an army of beauties strutting their stuff on the catwalk, even if it's only for dress rehearsal.

By the way, my bets are with these beautiful ladies:
Inga Skaya (Canada)
Eshan Hatem el Kirdany (Egypt)
Flaviana Matata (Tanzania)
Zaklina Sojic (Denmark)
Stephanie Winter (Antiqua & Barbuda)
Angelina Glass (Germany)
Trinere Lynes (Bahamas)
Riyo Mori (Japan)
Honey Lee (Korea)
If you asked me how I came to these conclusion, it was because I simply browsed through their interview answers. I didn't pay much attention to how they look... simply because they're guaranteed to look good anyway. Hee hee ^__^

Gosh, these people better pay me for giving a free ad. Too bad I've got school going on, otherwise I would've jetted my way to Mexico to watch...


Devi said...

Miss Canada's abs a bit too much. I like Miss India more :) *based on pics only*

Btw Agni Pratistha is not bad, she looks gorgeous on those pics.

mukuge said...

I agree - she definitely looks grown-up on the pictures! (contrary to her cute babe image)