Friday, May 11, 2007

Mucha Muchacha

I am very, very happy with today's progress of work.

The submission deadline is looming on the horizon. Given the fact that everybody in my program must play a part in creating a magazine, I volunteered to do a styling and shoot. Not one, two: food and fashion (yeah, great.)

Much of the drama lie on finding the right model, making sure she fits into the clothes without ripping the seams... and checking whether she's got those elusive magnetic eyes. I didn't make things easier by demanding that she should have a certain gutsy look. By Tuesday evening I was practically desperate for anyone who would look okay with the clothes I've got. Lucky lucky, friends at church referred me to this wonderful girl - not only she's got a good body and a nice-to-look-at face, she's got a great personality too. And the cherry on top of the cake is she's no blonde bimbo: she's into sports. In my opinion, she's definitely giving Nadine Chandrawinata a run on her money.

a killer face to match the body
Despite the drama, I found working as a fashion stylist to be a nerve-racking experience. It was akin to what I usually go through on church productions in Melbourne. This time around, the difference was that my sister wasn't around to do the makeup, so I had to do literally everything myself: scouting, make-up and hair, photographic set-up, dressing and coaxing poses out of the model. I kept stuttering many times because I had so many things I had to take care of at the same time. Imagine directing what a model should do while trying to get the light meter reading correct! Having six arms and four legs would definitely help, although I have no idea what I'd look like with those extra limbs. Lucky I wasn't the model, or I might as well just clone myself ^^;

When it comes to creating imagery, I prefer to set a high standard on myself. I was quite surprised that I liked the images I took, even though they were remotely reminiscent of the fairy-tale quality I was originally striving to achieve. I'm also glad my team members liked it (especially the editor guy), which means there is no need to redo any of them. Phew ^.^

Now that the fashion photo shoot is done, I only need to do another photo shoot for my magazine project. Thank God it's food, it wouldn't need any make-up on it ^o^

As for this weekend, Anne's kitchen is going to be turned into a sweatshop... and I'll be one of the underpaid/overworked workers labouring away in it. So yeah, so long and take care... :))


Devi said...

Yea she's cute. Too bad you didn't take the whole figure of her for me to see hehehe.

mukuge said...

mwaha, guessed you'll ask for them. I've posted loads of pictures on myesight for the general public to browse through. And also, please do comment on them ^.^

johnorford said...

v pretty model! kinda classic look...