Monday, May 21, 2007

Samba do Soho

Honestly, what I went through today was not as pleasant as the above-mentioned song sounds like. The song is idyllic, beachy and holiday-ish in feel; whereas words like 'horrendous' and 'nightmare' didn't convey enough what I went through. If I could have killed my sewing machine, I probably would have. The zig-zag stitch setting often skipped, which caused me to unpick the topstitching seams many times, and they left holes on my beautiful pair of leather shorts. GOSH!! Talk about having to eat my heart out. I cried when I unpicked the stitches and tried re-aligning the needles into existing 'holes'... 'holes' on leather just don't look right at all they made me feel like a failure. I was at my nerves' end when, with only five centimetres of unstitched line on one side, the machine refused to budge. Because I didn't want to have anything more to do with mechanical failures and skipped stitches, I pulled out the thread and started doing the zig-zags by hand, while telling myself that I'd get rid of the machine once the fashion show is over.
I'm going to trade it in for a more stable and powerful one.

Anne said I was stressed. KY offered his help to get rid of the machine. I was so distraught I decided to cook dinner instead... and a good dinner did I make.

I tend to release stress in funny ways. People scream, get destructive, do sport, go out and club, or sleep... I iron clothes, vacuum clean the floor or cook. There were moments back in my Camberwell days when, after a fight with my sister, I would stomp my way to the laundry room and started ironing my school shirts (which is pointless since they were made from crease-free fabric) or the bedsheets (also pointless as I would sleep on them and crease on them within 30 minutes). I feel there are more productive ways to express your frustration other than smashing glasses, ripping clothes apart and burning cigarette ends. If I were pissed because of a problem, making myself run out of plates or turning myself into smoked meat wouldn't make the problem go away. There must be something productive you can do!

And for now, I'm glad I didn't bash up sewing machines. My hands would have hurt badly if I did so, and I would've missed that elusive cashback. I am glad my cooking fed me well, and also made others well-nourished and happy. Tomorrow is another long day with its lump of stressful tasks, but that's another story for tomorrow. Now all I need to do is smile myself to sleep.

Take care, everyone!

When I walk around Soho
I remember gambowa
There's a feeling, there's a beat
That hacks me like a boa

Walking by the darks
Donga made a samba
In the rhythm of the people
From Angola, from Rwanda

Suffering the longing, the wonderful dilemma
Falling in the trap of the beautiful morena
Oh it feels so good, kissing you in the cinema
Now we're getting down in Soho
Send those pizza no problema

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