Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sweet Soul Revue

For me, kopipakegula is a highly entertaining blog... because it's fun to read ^^

I'm into rows and rows of neat lines and organized blocking partly due to the fact I used to organise a corporate website, but there are times when I'm tempted to write a post with smatterings of icons and images all over the place. It would be... so not me. *peeks into wardrobe* >__>

But then, I enjoy collecting series of smileys and icons to use in instant messengers. So that's where I might really have my oh-so-kitschy-cute fix. Hee hee hee ^_______^


aroengbinang said...

it's quite sometimes that i haven't been here, and there are plenty of stuffs to read already... congrat.

Innuendo said...

barusan maen kesana..hoogh fun belognya...

jarang2x ada yg minum kopi pake gula hehe