Saturday, March 17, 2007

(cooking again)

Submissions aside, it's socialising time for me.

Friday afternoon was spent sewing bits of lacing strips and hooks-and-eyes. Lesson learnt: no matter how accurate you've measured your hook-and-eye placement, always sew them 2mm further apart from the [supposedly accurate] markings. Lesson learnt #2: curved needles are definitely H-A-N-D-Y to sew them with.

I also went to friends' place for what was advertised to be 'a Mongolian BBQ' night. It turned out to be a stirfry night. Oh well, I had nothing to complain because it was fun to be able to cook with an abundance of ingredients and seasonings! I have neither oyster sauce nor sweet chili sauce in my pantry cupboard (woe me for the lack of space), and consequently haven't tried to whip up anything fancifully Asian at home since I moved to London. Anne is against buying new bottles or jars cooking condiments so I haven't got much to experiment with at her place. But last night was... amazing!!

huddling up for more food
I first tried to be discreet about my desire to handle a substantial part of the cooking process, but when people were wondering who should be assigned what to do... I kinda jumped into the kitchen and blurted out "the chicken should be sauce-y and have carrots and broccoli, and probably some of the peppers can go in there too." And since I stayed in there to cook and season... well, it was pretty obvious I was into it. It was good that the other girls didn't mind and chatted happily while we cooked. Overall results: out of the four dishes, all are edible and bordering on delicious. I got compliments too on my cooking, which ain't bad after all. Plus, it was fun seeing the boys crowd the kitchen to cook, while having disagreements on whether the Guinness should go into the lamb or the gut.

does chicken go with lime with chili powder with peppers with anything?
Toby and his l337 c00k1n9 5k1ll2
One good side-effect of hanging out with the [cool and younger] English is getting a good dose of learning about slang vocabs and how they are used. And since it's been over 12 hours since I had a decent meal, I'm gonna go off to lunch. Have a good day, everyone! :D

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