Thursday, February 08, 2007

(weather shock)

Now let's say... I'm the urban girl who spent most of her life (so far) in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. I've had few strays to mountains and some remote places on the other side of the world (call the continent America) and seen snow in abundance. I've kicked snow around, I've foolishly sunk into fresh snow, I've done snow fights before, I've even built snowmen... but I haven't really lived and revelled in snow in an urban setting. Until that Arctic chill blast two weeks ago today's mayhem.

Commuting in the morning was unbelievable! There were reduced services everywhere (which I have come to expect), and walking was a hazard - even when there was no snow, the roads and pavements were essentially covered in grit to prevent ice from forming... and it turned snow into a muddy slush instead. It was pretty much like walking into a big puddle of freshly spilt frapuccino on the road.

Today's class was in Shepherd's Bush; I was also picking up some pattern blocks from a tutor on site. When I went to the staff room, I... didn't wanna leave 9__9; snow was falling, the building's exterior looked old (although recently renovated and refitted), the tutors wore dark colours, and it felt like... walking into Hogwarts. Really.

This weather thing is really funny... I know it's partly because of man-triggered climate change, but that's not what I'm getting into right now. I was praying and wishing for five inches of snow to hit London two weeks ago, and I thought I wasn't getting it until next Christmas. But yea, it happened :D

Finally. Despite the blood and pain of going around London when it's covered in snow, I like it. It gives a proper sense that winter is around, people are more accomodative, and the Tube is always late everyday anyway... so it doesn't really make a difference whether there was none or two or five inches of snow on the tracks. And I also get to wear all the nice stuff I've been keeping for 'the proper winter'. Tee hee hee ^.^

By the way, attitudes colour the day. Have a good day, everyone!

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