Monday, February 05, 2007

(seeing drunkards)

Seeing my friends turn into drunkards and drunken commuters zoning out of their senses in the space of less than 48 hours sure freaked me out.

First things first. On Friday night I agreed to join my friends' invitation to have dinner together. The evening started with a budget-style dinner in Covent Garden. It grew into a long and enjoyable affair, with the five of us moving into an opulently decorated pub in the vicinity of the Royal Opera House. Somebody ordered a bottle of champers. Since champagne wasn't my thing, I had two little sips and then relaxed to the company of hot chocolate, creme brulee and fruit platters. Then it all went downhill: three Cognacs, two house reds, two gin and tonics, a second bottle of champers (!), a bottle of soju and God knew what else they ordered while I was away. The evening ended with me and Anne frantically trying to send everybody on their way home. We boarded onto a night bus, my first ever, to Turnpike Lane to send off the most drunken girl home and sleep over at her place. The next morning, there was an invitation to a bottle of £100 champagne. My reaction was simple: either split-the-bill or all-paid-for, dash away!

(The evening practically turned me into a babysitter and chronic worrywart. Errr =__=; )

The second incident happened the following day, while I was out and about doing my laundry. There were three girls speaking loudly in the Tube, in what most likely could be Russian, and getting out without realising one of them had *slomp* dropped a bag on the floor. I ended up throwing the bag and gloves out of the carriage (don't ask me why - probably it's the chronic worrywart effect of the night before.) I also ended up having a nice chat with this nice Black lady who watched the whole episode of it, and who basically shared the same views with me: why do they drink themselves to oblivion?

And hence, the worrywart journeys on. Let me know what you think of excessive drinking by posting your response on the commentary section. Thank you! ^__^

P.S. check out myesight, a record of what comes across me (while leaving me with enough time to whip out a camera and snap a picture.)


Devi said...

I'm not into alcoholic drinks but well I've tried some of them; black label of Johnny Walker (mixed with cola), some beers (Corona, Heineken, Erdinger - this one is good), red&white wine, and the rest are mocktails e.g. Singapore Sling, Pacific blue. Those were nice experience LOL.

mukuge said...

Yeah, I agree with you; cocktails and mocktails are better than neat drinks IMO.
There was this one time I went out for drinks and was lucky enough my sister came along - it meant I could drowsily enjoy her car's heating while being driven home :p