Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tu Amor

As for this year, and in line with the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words", I have decided to use more pictures in my posts. What I meant by 'more pictures' is not a mere motley of hurriedly taken images, but rather what I would... share. Being someone who works in a visually demanding industry, communicating through images are of second nature, and I would like to extend this concept to my blog. To top it off, my current laptop has a MemStick slot, which means... no more the-file-transfer-system-isn't-available-to-me-today reasons. (I just have to be strict with myself, don't I.)

the midnight blue sky
While on my way back from the evening French class today, I took a detour and came across weird and wonderful buildings. Buildings aside, I enjoyed the walk... and when I looked up at the sky, it was wonderfully clear and bright - it wasn't full moon but it was bright and the sky was cloudless! There was a jet plane streaking across the sky. Alright, London isn't the cleanest city I've ever lived it, but it made me think that being able to walk around safely while looking up at a clear sky with the assurance that I can have a good rest when I got back home is a huge blessing in itself.

(Oh yeah, I found the midnight blue colour simply inspiring.)

Talking about late evening walks, I have been having a couple of them in the past week or so. Yesterday I was circling the block I live in when I came across a beautiful townhouse with a cream-painted front door, lattice iron gates, a decent garden and vines crawling up its brick facade. Love it so much! ^^ Wish I was living there. I wish I will be living there. Hee hee hee...

Sometimes I have this idea that democracy may create more harm than good. The foundation of democracy is the majority's right to decide what the society would do (and ultimately, which path it would take.) To choose a decent path requires understanding the collective synergies of choosing one thing over another, whatever they may be in the future. I'm afraid a lot of us has either incomplete or no understanding of these synergies, which means quite often we only weigh one side of an argument heavily without carefully revising our assumptions and/or stereotypes. Which means... democracy may turn into a case of a blind person leading another.

I haven't had the chance to try out whipping up the ayam goreng bumbu kuning so far. I know kemiri stands for candlenut in English... but what is lengkuas anyway?? Hopefully I would still have the energy and willpower to do so at Anne's place tomorrow night... I'm going to spend my Friday night to make someone else be happy and be fed. Well, at least that's my simplistic idea of using my life to make myself feel better. This doesn't imply I'm offering dirty labour for free - I cook only when I feel like it. Don't enslave me :q

There's one thing I would like to note in relation to dreams and aspirations: dreams are a nourishment for the soul, and even though people around me would sarcastically say "dream on"... I would do so and make them (or at least try to make them) become reality. Call them morphines to my spirit, well... it isn't exactly morphine-like in nature. But yea, it makes far-off aspirations become achievable goals. Dreams are good... and they're good as long as you stop faffing around and start doing something about it! :))

Cheers and take care from a non-stereotypical person on the other side of the internet ^^
(I wish I know how to do strike-throughs on blogspot posts...)

Mi amor I'm not sure of the right words to say
Maybe these simple words will do best to best explain
What I feel in my heart
What I feel more each day
How to make you see
How to let you know
How to say, how to say I love you so
With words you understand
Words that get right through your heart
Here's the place to start


Mely said...

Maybe you want to check this site out.

I find the idea of sharing pictures from different parts of the world daily is quite... intriguing.

Devi said...

Lengkuas is galangal in English.

More vocabularies for cooking:
daun jeruk purut = kaffir lime leaves
kapulaga = cardamom

Btw, thanks for joining my polling :)