Monday, January 22, 2007

(winter chill)

Tonight is going to be my first night sleeping with the window closed.

The Arctic wind has brought about the much-awaited winter chill into London. Out of about five months living in London, I have always kept my bedroom window ajar no matter what the weather is like - simply because I love fresh air and don't mind having a bit of a cool room. Today is another story altogether... as I need to de-freeze my hands to work with.

The weather has been noticeably cooler since last weekend - this morning was the first time I was forced to come back home (after venturing out for less than 20 seconds) to grab a hat and keep my head warm. The forecast predicts the temperature to slide right down to around freezing point this coming Wednesday, which is good since I haven't even touched my pile of thermal underwears... and it's January already.

Another issue I come up with is working in groups during 3D Workshop classes - for the past fortnight I ended up working with this girl who has a completely different idea of what constitutes a fashionable outfit. She wants to volumize everything, I want to pare things down; it was like one keeps on undoing the other's work. I don't think she's the classmate from hell, but probably both of us are going to be better off... working in different groups. Well, at least that's how I see it for now.

Ah well, since my fingers have de-frozen enough to start working, till later then. Take care! ^__^

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