Monday, January 22, 2007

(scent from home)

So I decided to stock up on some sleep right after the previous post, later waking up at 4AM to do some work. All went well until I went to the toilet... and noticed a very very familiar scent wafting in the air. It was the scent of Mbak Parni's ayam goreng bumbu kuning, and it was frighteningly real. Spooky stuff.

After a quick Google search, it turns out the recipe isn't exactly complicated (just like what she told me), the cooking is the complicated part. Boil the chicken till the stock is reduced, then deep-fry it - well, if it's properly cooked *that* way, the avian flu virus would be long dead. And I would be rejoicing with eight pieces of home-style fried chicken.

At the end, it might be just me who's craving for more home food.


Devi said...

LOL. Maybe you were just craving. Have you cooked it? My home food of the day: rendang and brocolli! hehehe..

mukuge said...

I've been trying to console myself with Korean food for the past week, as it's quite flavourful. I miss all those so-richly-slathered-in-spice-and-coconut-milk culinary delights, however unhealthy they may seem to be. Rendang is good...

(Talking about it, home food IS nostalgic.)

Mely said...

Try baking Mbak Parni's fried chicken instead of deep frying. Maybe it'll be as nice but healthier.