Friday, December 22, 2006


After submission week, the term's last tutorial, about 24 hours sitting nicely in an airplane (or in an airport) and two weeks' worth of holiday... this is my lame attempt at registering my presence on the web.

I still find Jakarta's traffic to be as deadly and chaotic as usual. Yesterday, it took me about an hour to move around two kilometres and do a U-turn on the way to Kelapa Gading. Needless to say, the passengers vetoed their own decision to go out and opted to have dinner at my place instead. One of the good things that came out of the traffic jam was that I got to hit the mattress earlier than I usually do.

Being a gourmand, I naturally have a list of things I would like to eat while I'm on holiday. Most of these have been ticked off the list, and I have scored some unthought-of extras too! :p (there are only three things left on the list.) According to my sister and Poss, I finished half of a martabak telor out of the one we bought yesterday... when I felt more like eating a quarter of it. Geez.

(I wonder what kind of seasonal confections Minamoto Kitchoan has in store for the New Year.)

I have met some of the people I used to work with, and was pretty happy I could actually meet them... but yeah, I do wish there is more time available to be spent hanging around with them. It is normal to expect to spend more time with people you have been in constant contact (especially the ones you meet almost everyday). I still haven't had a lunch of nasi gila with them.

As for my results at school, I scored well in the autumn term. This still means I can't rest on my laurels. Art teachers, frighteningly, have the ability to know that you are not doing things to your fullest abilities, and they stated as a matter of fact that I 'should be able to do three times the amount of work everybody else does'. The comment really means I should work... harder (as well as smarter.)

One last funny thing to mention... I keep pressing the symbol " when reaching for @. It boils down to the placement of symbols on UK keyboards. After all, it seems like I get used to it ^^

Have a happy Christmas wherever you are, and have a good time! Please spend your holidays responsibly :)) Take care.


teddibelajarbersyukur said...

Welcome to Jakarta nonton itu di RCTI.

Tanggal 7 Januari...bisa datang kah? Invitationnya tar kukirim via email aja ya...

yodeezzle said...

what is actually nasi gila? i've heard about it a few times but i've never seen it, let alone taste it

Mely said...

Marsha, merry Christmas and happy new year!



mukuge said...

@mely: thanks heaps mel! :)) (I feel so guilty for doing next to nothing this holiday season)

@yodeezzle: it's technically white fried rice with smatterings of pan-mixed fried eggs, shredded chicken meat, chopped vegetables, sliced sausages and lashings of monosodium glutamate (vetsin). The sausages look pretty artificial IMO, but what the hell, it tastes good. In Jakarta, it's sold in little alleys south of the CBD (I usually have mine on Metro Pondok Indah.)

@teddi: please do send me the invi... I'm returning in the evening but I'd love to make it to your wedding :D