Friday, October 27, 2006


I have a growing addiction towards wagashi, and more specifically to dango and hakuun-no-hotori. Yum yum stuff. They are really sweet and have a delicate texture, although they definitely aren't the sweetest confectioneries on earth IMO (the honour goes to those red-and-green gulali sweets sold in Kelapa Gading for giving me a sore throat.)

Other than being really nice to look at, wagashi has a delicate yet contrasting texture and feel when you consume it. It has a nice smell, too, which all adds up to a good dessert experience without being overbearing. It is said the sweetness dried persimmon fruits is one of wagashi chefs' culinary benchmarks.

In London, decent wagashi is available in Minamoto Kitchoan, which is located smack bang on Piccadilly. The store is neighbour to La Maison du Chocolate, another purveyor of fine and horribly expensive desserts.

And as a final note, persimmons grown in Israel are affectionately named Sharon fruits. Nice ^^

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Devi said...

Wagashi looks yummy! Unfortunately I've never eaten it yet. :s