Friday, October 27, 2006

(car navigation)

Read this story. Then please laugh.

Sometimes I wonder whether people are just plain obedient or downright daunted by the risk of failure. One thing for sure though, computer chips aren't any better than human brain ^__^; a toast to our cynical, idea-killing selves! May it be balanced out by our adventurous and more risk-tolerant selves...

Life is an adventure, after all. Just make sure you have a decent map with you in case you get lost ^^


Devi said...

It's not really funny IMHO. Simply what a pity. :)

However, the command that navigator told him perhaps shocked this old guy that he was overreacted too fast. Too bad.

Mely said...


i'm laughing =D

teddibelajarbersyukur said...

I remember a story I heard from radio. A man driving across a hillside road in high speed. Suddenly there was another car almost hit him and the driver yelled, "Cow!"

Then the man yelled, "I am a cow, you're the shit!" He added more speed and crashed a couple of cow in front of him.

Well, right things can get wrong when it's not well communicated.