Friday, September 08, 2006

Shut Up

London is one rude city. Gah.

I was in a bus on my way home this afternoon when a certain gentleman accidentally slapped my face and put two scratches next to my eyes. What amazed me was the way he callously said 'sorry' as if it was just lip service. I do not expect to be treated like an aristocrat but I am not just a thing either; I was expecting a genuine expression of sorry. He didn't have to avoid me like a plague since I wouldn't be bothered to extort some money out of him anyway. Nasty.

The laptop I ordered still haven't made it to the store. It's almost been two weeks since a certain *proud* lawyer got his, and I'm still waiting for mine. We embarked on a search for a 17" laptop with dedicated graphics card a fortnight ago: he settled for a 15.4" with a powerful graphics card while I insisted on my specifications. One good thing about not being near a computer is the inability to be harrased 24/7 by virtual notifications indicating that a real person (most possibly on the other side of the world) has something to talk about. I guess this is what beating internet addiction is all about.

Portobello Market (on a Saturday) is my agenda for tomorrow. I will try to get there early on as the crowd tends to be overwhelming on the weekends... just like Covent Garden in the evening or Oxford Street during the day. Sometimes I wonder whether a female Londoner would spend her mornings 'researching' trends on Oxford Street, her evenings socialising in Covent Garden and her weekends celebrity-hunting in local shopping areas.

Finally, Poland looks as if it was set for the last weekend of this month. Details about the ticket will be clear halfway through the coming week. Fingers crossed! :D

Take care, and have a good weekend everybody!

We try to take it slow
But we're still losin' control
And we try to make it work
But it still isn't the worst
And I'm crazy...
For trying to be your lady...
I think I'm goin' crazy


Devi said...

I was wondering why you didn't slap him back! LOL.

I've bought a 13" macbook last week and it really looks good! *even though I've had a little barrier since I've been using windows all these years*

mukuge girl said...

Haha, nice one. I decided not to slap him as I don't want to be reactive to what he did to me. He can suck himself up, but he's not making me go along with it :p

Well, I was thinking of getting a Windows-compatible Mac as I'll be using a whole lot of graphical programs (of which all are PC-based). But then, there's no point of getting a Mac to run PC programs -__-;; sob. I'll get two Apples when I have my own design studio :p