Monday, August 21, 2006

(my version of 3:42AM)

Exhausted from flat-hunting, all day long. Being in a position to make choices is empowering although somewhat burdensome... I don't like rejecting something in which I have a keen partial interest. Sigh. Let's pray that what will happen tomorrow morning is the best that can be. Fingers crossed! :))

Tomorrow's set for a visit to the V+A Museum. The exhibition on Che Guevarra's icon seems interesting so far. Looks like it will be what I'll be doing for my written paper.

On the other hand, I took loads of interesting pictures this weekend, especially from BM. Ancient Egyptians embalmed not only the dead body of important personalities, but also cats! I will upload more pictures when I do get my computer... whether it's a PC or a Mac... whether it's a laptop or a desktop... fingers crossed too! ^^ One thing I'm not well-prepared for is the 2003 Microsoft Office Suit installation CD, which I completely missed out in comparison to the hype of bringing along the respective suites of Adobe and Macromedia. However, when you think about it, MS Office costs significantly less than the two combined. Which means it wasn't too bad of a decision either...

Finally, sleep! I'm off to bed now. This compulsory diary thing is kind of bugging me, but then again it's about developing the right kind of habits for success :-} So yes, I will keep up with it.

Take care!


Phillip Lloyd said...


Thought i'd just spam your blog with my advertising campaign little britain fancy dress

mukuge girl said...

Dear Phillip,
thank you for your spam. I wish I had a can of Spam meat to hurl at you (catching with your hands optional.) Have a good day.