Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where Can You Hide?

I surely have no idea what to blab on right now... one certain thing is I want to sleep. Another thing I'm certain of is that I'm at this point of exhaustion it became very easy to react venomously to others (bad bad bad Marsha.)

It is quite a horror too, to find my hand lacks the discipline to draw. My eyes are not accustomed to measuring curves since everything is boxy and compartmentalized. A boss at the office wished there would be other 'shapes' of laptops/notebooks because he got bored with what the market has on offer right now (and yes, owning an Apple doesn't indicate somebody can't get bored with computers.)

I also feel the need to go to parks or some natural reserves to get my 'greeneries' energy. Sitting and relaxing in a park do wonders - I often found myself revitalised after doing so... which is why I'd really like to go to decent parks and gardens!

Enough with the complaints. Now, for the counter-balancing acts.

Do you know human beings on average recall bad events 2.5 times as many as recalling a positive experience? If you don't, well, now you do know ^^; (corny me.) I'm glad someone prepares dinner for me so that I can eat straightaway when I return home... yay!

There was also this accident happening to Rae last night. I heard he lost control of his car and smashed into a pole on his way from after-office drinks. It was quite scary to learn many passer-bys in Indonesia would feel little hesitation and have no burden raiding a car smashed up in an accident literally SECONDS after the disaster happened (now talk about the nation's advancement - it won't happen in the near future for sure with this kind of attitude.) Since Rae's car was smashed up and he looked like a Chinese (are you one, Rae?), this motley of free-riders felt even more enlightened to carry out their acts. He was lucky there was a passer-by who helped him out given he was helped out on a past accident in the first place. I was just amazed at how Rae was able to walk away relatively unscathed. Rae, when you read this, know that you are given a new lease on life to do it properly - and do something positive to yourself with that fact in mind!

My grandma also testified about how she felt Indonesians tend to be big on talks. She recently went to Egypt on a tour, and went to the Pyramids (d'oh.) When I met her on return, she admitted ruefully that although "those people on the media say they know what they're doing [in relation to exacts and sciences], they don't. Because the Egyptians could assemble the Pyramids thousands of years ago and it still stands soundly today." It is very amusing to hear her share her thoughts, and it's good to know she got to observe many things she wouldn't normally be able to observe. I hope she has more chance to travel overseas, it's good for her ^^ She ends up talking about things that do not stress her out. Ah, ah, ah ^^

As for myself, yes, I'd love to travel! Anybody care to offer me a free flight and spending money to Scandinavia?

You see, I'm now feeling better off after doing this blog. Which means I'm going off to bed. Alright, good night everybody, and take care! :D

It's more than ordinary
This situation she's found herself in tonight
There ain't no book about it and she can't take
Anymore well-meaning advice
And one more thing about her
She's tried more than twice

Where can you hide from the darkness inside you?
And here can you run when you've lost your road?
What do you say to the voices inside you?
When all you try won't make them go away

This is his testimony, his salvation story
Found in the pain of her heart
There ain't no use in trying
His words just start her crying
Reason won't unbreak this heart

Where can you hide from the darkness inside you?
And here can you run when you've lost your road?
What do you say to the voices inside you?
When all you try won't make them go away

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