Monday, January 16, 2006

Learn To Let Go

I'm a bit jittery in making life's substantial decisions. It scares me to death to think I might have made an ineffective choice. There are times I wish life was simpler... but probably if it was as predictable as Ford's Model T production line ("you can have it in any colour as long as it's black"), life would lose all its zest and drive.

Sometimes I dislike myself for having been heavily educated with numbers. My mind rolls little cost-vs-benefit analysis once every couple of minutes, and they do get a bit convoluted at times though they make a good check-and-balances system for my mind. I am not going to lose out on the second chance I'm getting right now. It is daunting to prepare a portfolio after a four-year hiatus, but winters come to an end and so should the hiatus be.

It feels like I'm getting a flu, so I better go to bed soon. Just before I leave, there was this story I read about a guy who offered a one-thousand rupiah or a one-hundred-thousand rupiah to an elderly beggar. She wanted to take the one-hundred-thousand note, but the guy told her it was an interest-free loan payable in three months. She then searched for her spare cooking utensils, made a living out of her gado-gado business, and managed to return the loan two days early. She was touched at how this young man managed to let her have her dignity in life and not have to beg anymore. Now, to improve others' lives, do we want to do this kind of thing to those less fortunate than us...?

I will leave you to ponder on that question. Take care!

How I learnt to hold you when you cried
I learnt how to let you be strong
Learnt how to calm you in the dark
Learnt how to listen with my heart
I learnt how to watch you grow
But how will I learn to let go?

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