Sunday, October 02, 2005

(Bali, the 2nd)

Just letting everybody calm down by declaring:

Last night (and even today), I wasn't in Bali. Hence I wasn't caught up in the catastrophe. Thank you for all who have been worried of my whereabouts; luckily, I was plain lucky. Thankies ^^

Last night I went to the youth fellowship at Hartadi and Hero's church. Hartadi wasn't there... grrrgh... but Hero was, yay!! The fellowship itself resembled PK. We weren't allocated in the same small group in the fellowship, but then that was fine too. I get to meet up with people... some even thought I was of the tender age of eighteen... but really, now I can legally have liquor in the States! (meaning: 21 already.) Each group was told to build a tower from a stack of postcards (courtesy of Hawa Communicator). My group ended up winning for no apparent reason. The cards kept falling at first, we were frustrated (one even started wandering around), but after a while the cards just held themselves together and we kept building up. We just realised we were winning when others started to cheer on us. I took a picture of the tower.

I went out to purchase watercolour paints today. They sure are freakin' pricey!! About 10% of my monthly salary went out the door when I swiped the card... sigh... my purchasing power is going down, especially with the fuel price increase. But anyway, the real world is not a bed of roses, so we gotta make do with what we have.

There's this phone dialogue I once had with a mid-aged guy...
Mid-aged guy (G): so, do you give 10% of your income to church?
Marsha (M): you mean, tithe? Yes... (thinks) why?
G: Aren't you afraid to run out of money?
M: (confused) ...what do you mean?
G: Well, if you give your money out, you'll have nothing left for your family... your parents... your brothers and sister...
M: (somewhat dumbed down) Erm... there's still 90% left for me to use up, right?
The point with tithes is that they are God's right. The money isn't ours. Plus, they're not that much anyway, when you come to think of it. I spent 10% of my monthly salary for watercolour paints in three hours ^.^;

Alright, that's all for now... take care, everyone!

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